Is it Safe to Swim in Our Waters?

Interactive Maps
Safe to Swim Map Safe to Swim Map (Beta)

The Safe to Swim map displays bacterial sampling data for coastal and inland monitoring locations over time. The map compares the sampling data and six-week geometric mean to the statewide bacteria water quality objectives for E. coli and enterococci.
coastal information map Coastal Information Map

The Swimming Safety Information map provides information on coastal beach advisories, coastal beach report card grades, impaired waters for swimming, and beach improvement projects by county. The map graphs bacterial sampling data for coastal monitoring locations and compares the data and 30-day geometric mean to the bacterial water quality objectives specified in the California Ocean Plan.

Beach water quality monitoring and strong pollution prevention measures are critical for protecting beach goers from waterborne diseases. Monitoring is performed by city and county health agencies, publicly owned sewage treatment plants, other dischargers, environmental groups and numerous citizen-monitoring groups.