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Can I Eat Fish or Shellfish Caught in My Lake, Stream, or Ocean Location?

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Fish and Shellfish Consumption Advisories by Location

There are health benefits from eating fish and shellfish. But, some fish and shellfish may contain chemical or biotoxin contaminants that could pose health risks. When contaminant levels are unsafe, consumption advisories may recommend that people limit or avoid eating certain species of fish caught in certain places and at certain times.

California Sport Fish Consumption Advisories
For a number of California water bodies, the Cal/EPA office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) publishes consumption advisories for chemicals in noncommercial fish which you and your family or friends catch.OEHHA Logo
These advisories are shown on the map to the left.

How does OEHHA develop fish consumption advisories and safe eating guidelines?

Why do so few water bodies have fish consumption advisories and safe eating guidelines?

California Shellfish Harvesting Warnings & QuarantinesU.S. Environmental Protection Agency Logo
Algal blooms can cause marine biotoxins to exist in shellfish at levels that pose health risks to consumers.

The National Listing of Fish Advisories
EPA Summary of Fish Advisories Across the U.S. in 2010.

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