What Is Being Done to Reduce These Problems?

Water Quality Programs

Programs to address existing water quality problems that affect the safety of eating fish and shellfish.

  • Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)
    A Total Maximum Daily Load is a regulation designed to improve water quality by controlling the amount of a pollutant entering a water body. Under the federal Clean Water Act, every impaired water body on the 303(d) list is required to have a TMDL, designed to bring the water body back into compliance with water quality standards.

Exposure Reduction Programs

Programs to reduce human exposure to chemical and biotoxin contaminants in fish and shellfish.

Get Involved

  • Clean Water Team - Citizen Monitoring of the Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program
  • The Clean Water Team's Guidance Compendium is to enhance the user's knowledge and ability to make decisions regarding measurements of water quality in various water bodies. It should be useful to field operators conducting water quality monitoring, technical advisors and trainers of citizen monitoring groups, agency staff, or any other person interested in water quality issues and citizen monitoring. This Compendium now has over 300 resources.


(updated 12/7/16)