Tide Pool Videos

View these embedded YouTube videos of tide pools along California's coast.

Tide Pools - Central California Coast [5:38]

If you haven't been to a tide pool lately, the central California coast boasts some of the finest found anywhere on Earth. Tide pools are important to hundreds of plants and animals, especially young organisms. Learn about nudibranchs, sea stars, shore birds and some of the historical characters that first studied these rocky pools.

* Video courtesy of Monterey Bay and Channel Islands Sanctuary Foundation

Seashore Life: Tide Pools at Leo Carrillo State Park [4:18]

Enjoy a short trip to the California coast's Leo Carrillo State Park, without getting your feet wet! Twice a day the tide moves out, exposing the rocks, plants and sea life that inhabit this shallow rocky beach. Among the wildlife you can see are starfish, sea anemones, crabs, clams/muscles and seaweed in various colors. The fish are tiny and scarce, but if you're lucky you might run across a small octopus or sea slug in the shallow, isolated pools.

* Video courtesy of JCMI Digital Imaging

Life in a Tide Pool, Laguna Beach [1:45]

It's amazing how much life could be sustained in these little pools of water. Each pool contains its own little group of animals. You could find crabs, fish, kelp, coraline algae, different sea weeds, shrimps, sea urchins, sea anemones, hermit crabs, limpets, snails, sea stars, and many more things that I'm sure I missed all in a single pool. Once you're done with one pool, run over the next pool and it's an entirely different scene. All of the bubbles you see towards the end of the video are from a wave that came crashing in

* Video courtesy of Kiet Dao

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