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In its Comprehensive Monitoring Program Strategy for California, the California Water Quality Monitoring Council envisioned formation of a new workgroup to focus on the theme "Is our water safe to drink?" The purpose of this workgroup is to develop a My Water Quality internet portal to bring relevant water quality data and assessment information to decision makers and the public that directly address this theme from a number of perspectives, including water quality at the tap, the quality of surface water and groundwater sources, and the efforts of many agencies and organizations to bring safe drinking water to the consumer.

In the process of developing the portal, the workgroup will evaluate existing monitoring, assessment and reporting efforts and work to enhance those efforts so as to improve the delivery of water quality information to the user. Portal development provides the context to effectively evaluate and then resolve monitoring design, coordination, and information access problems, working to achieve only that degree of standardization necessary to meet users' needs.


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July 13, 2012 November 18, 2011


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