Is My Water Safe to Drink?

What does “Safe” Drinking Water Mean?

Drinking water, which is also known as potable water, is the water used for drinking, bathing and making food. The definition of “safe" drinking water is not universally defined. In California, a definition specific to a few codes is that “Safe drinking water” means water that meets all primary and secondary drinking water standards. Drinking water standards are set based on potential health impacts and also take into account the cost to meet the drinking water standard. Also, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines drinking water as safe when humans can drink it with low risk of immediate or long-term harm to your health. Although there may be health risks associated with certain contaminants found in drinking water not all contaminants are necessarily harmful.

Knowing where your drinking water comes from is important. This is the first step to figuring out if your water is safe to drink. Answer the question below to learn some details about the quality of your drinking water.

Where do you get your drinking water from?

Water System

Girl drinking from water fountain

If your home or business receives a bill from a water company, then you most likely receive water from a regulated water system.

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Private Well or
Surface Water

Water Well Pipes

If you get your drinking water from a privately owned well, stream, pond, lake, or spring then you likely receive your water from an unregulated water system.

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Bottled or
Hauled Water

Pouring water into a glass

If you buy bottled water or have bottled water delivered or if water is hauled and pumped into a storage tank where you then drink it, then click below.

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I'm Not

Question Mark

Click below for help figuring out more about your drinking water.

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I’m looking for Drinking Water Data and Tools

A growing compilation of tools and information sources from stakeholders across the Safe to Drink landscape.

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Water Quality Testing

Find information on how to test your drinking water quality.

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