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  • The collaborative Beach Water Quality Workgroup initially formed in Southern California in 1998 to coordinate ocean beach water quality related monitoring, pollution abatement, public education, and public notification efforts.
  • In 2004 the Central/Northern California Ocean and Bay Water Quality Monitoring Group was formed with the same mission.
  • Under the oversight of the Monitoring Council, a new Safe-to-Swim Workgroup was convened in 2010 to coordinate monitoring and assessment of swimming safety statewide, expanding the focus to include inland freshwater swimming, and to manage and enhance the My Water Quality web portal "Is It Safe to Swim In Our Waters?".
  • In November 2015, Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program staff from the Lahontan, North Coast, and Central Valley Regional Water Boards volunteered to coordinate monitoring and assessment of swimming safety for inland waters, forming the Inland Beaches Workgroup.
  • DRAFT Safe to Swim Charter


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    Progress Reports and Goals

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    A key component of the California Safe-to-Swim Workgroups is to promote and to support monitoring programs statewide to foster data comparability and collaboration with monitoring partners. The following links provide access to those tools.

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