Data Innovation and Utilization Workgroup


As they work to bring data together from disparate systems, conduct broad-based assessments, and deliver the resulting information to decision makers and the public via the My Water Quality portals, all the Monitoring Council's theme-specific workgroups and stakeholders encounter similar data issues. The Monitoring Council has determined that a Data innovation and Utilization Workgroup is needed to create protocols and guidance for utilizing data effectively across monitoring programs. The Data Innovation and Utilization Workgroup should be charged directly by the Monitoring Council and progress reviewed on at least an annual basis. Areas where the Data Innovation and Utilization Workgroup should continuously focus include:

  1. Review of current workgroup portals and visualizations and providing recommendations for improvements.
  2. Actively identify and provide use-cases from the Monitoring Council workgroups to support the Open and Transparent Water Data Act (AB 1755, Dodd 2016) effort.
  3. Identify and present larger statewide data issues and solutions to the Monitoring Council.
  4. Support the development of the Water Board’s Data Management Strategy and Open Data Initiative.
    1. See State Water Board Resolution 2018-0032.

This workgroup was previously called the Data Management Workgroup whose webpage can be found here:

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Meetings and Workshops

  • March 6, 2020
    • Data Management Strategy and Innovation Workshop
    • Agenda • Workshop Presentation • Workshop video