California Environmental Flows Workgroup

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The workgroup aims to address the need for a state-wide, multi-agency approach for evaluating ecological flow needs for streams, provide a forum for coordination and collaboration to strengthen linkages between technical products and agency program needs, and provide support for resource managers and the public.  This overall objective will be met by the following actions:

  • Facilitate coordination between various agencies and programs involved with efforts to develop ecological flows to inform the development and establishment of environmental flows that protect biological communities and instream natural resources.

  • Provide recommendations for consistent, scientifically defensible, and coordinated methods for assessing ecological flows and informing water resource and water quality management actions.

  • Create a clearinghouse and web portal for tools, data, ecological flow case studies, and lessons learned from past ecological flow efforts.  The web portal will be designed to answer basic questions related to ecological flows in a manner that is accessible and understandable to the public.

  • Establish best practices for data collection, management, and distribution of information to improve our understanding of ecological flow needs, status of ongoing ecological and environmental flow efforts, and the vulnerability of streams to future changes in flow conditions statewide.

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