California Inland Beach Monitoring Workgroup

The safety of California’s beaches for swimming is a concern for water quality managers and the public. Swimming safety is assessed by using standardized field and laboratory procedures to measure levels of indicator bacteria in areas where body contact occurs. California’s coastal beaches are routinely monitored by a coordinated network of public health agencies and results are captured by the Beach Watch database and made publicly available via the Safe to Swim Portal. There has been no coordinated, statewide program to monitor inland beaches for swimming safety. The Inland Beach Monitoring Workgroup was formed to oversee actions of the Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program to monitor, assess, and report on swimming safety of inland waters and to facilitate coordination and data sharing with monitoring groups throughout the state.

Workgroup Goals

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  • Carly Nilson
    Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board
  • Alisha Wenzel
    Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board
  • Rich Fadness 
    North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board

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  • For additional information on the Inland Beaches Workgroup, please email Carly Nilson or phone her at (530) 542-5445.

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