JEDI Goals and Projects


The JEDI workgroup aims to build systems to promote a more inclusive environment, welcome a diverse array of people and foster a culture where all participate freely. Incorporate justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion principles throughout the Monitoring Council, its workgroups, and all collective activities in the water quality and ecosystem health monitoring field. This overall objective will be met by working towards the following goals:

  • Educate workgroups and the Council to enable us to build better systems to deliver justice, equity, diversity and inclusion and to dismantle those systems that act as barriers to this work
  • Provide resources on the historical context and best approaches to address systems that drive racial inequities in the water quality and ecosystem health monitoring field;
  • Recommend and provide guidance for implementing JEDI systems into the Monitoring Council’s workgroups, including the Safe to Drink, Safe to Swim, and Safe to Eat Workgroups;
  • Help drive JEDI initiatives to affect water quality for all people living in California, especially those burdened by multiple sources of pollution and disproportionately impacted by its effects;
  • Develop ways to quantify and track issues pertaining to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Current Projects

  1. Develop and maintain a website for JEDI products, meeting materials, and useful resources.
  2. Outreach and partnership with organizations representing Black, Indigenous and People of Color.
  3. Approach the Ocean Protection Council and other agencies and institutions regarding potential collaborations.
  4. Revisit how justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion education will proceed within and potentially outside of the confines of Monitoring Council meetings.
  5. Adopt a justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion resolution or statement, which will also include plans of action.