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Healthy Watersheds Partnership

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The Healthy Streams Partnership (HSP) is devoted to monitoring and assessing the quality of California’s stream and river ecosystems and bringing the resulting information to decision makers and the public via the internet. A major intent of the HSP is to promote the protection of California’s healthy streams and the restoration of threatened and impaired streams by informing and encouraging changes in present perspectives and resource management decision and actions. Based on recommendations of the HSP and guidance from the Monitoring Council, the Healthy Streams web portal was developed to present information about the extent and condition of California’s stream and river ecosystem resources and linked from the Monitoring Council’s My Water Quality website. As one of seven Monitoring Council workgroups, the HSP is exploring models for developing indices that translate the various data types into a report card format that provides an assessment of overall stream and river condition. The HSP is coordinating with the U.S.EPA’s Healthy Watershed Initiative, a nationwide effort to identify and protect healthy watersheds.



Participating State Agencies

  • Central Coast Regional Water Board
  • Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Department of Water Resources
  • Lahontan Regional Water Board
  • Los Angeles Regional Water Board
  • North Coast Regional Water Board
  • San Diego Regional Water Board
  • San Francisco Bay Regional Water Board
  • State Water Board

Participating Federal Agencies

  • U.S. EPA HQ
  • U.S. EPA Region 9

Participating Related Organizations

  • University of California at Davis

Other Participating Organizations

  • CA Dept. Of Fish & Wildlife, Aquatic Bioassessment Laboratory
  • Earth Law
  • Moss Landing Marine Labs
  • San Francisco Estuary Institute
  • San Francisco Estuary Institute/Aquatic Science Center
  • Southern California Coastal Water Research Project
  • State and Federal Contractors Water Agency
  • University of California at Davis
  • Watershed Stewardship Consultation

California Water Resources Control Board

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

California Department of Water Resources



More Information

  • Additional information on the Healthy Watersheds Partnership - Please email Lori Webber or call (916) 341-5556.

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