Bottled and Hauled Water

Bottled Water

Plastic bottles floating in water
Plastic bottles

Plastic bottle dumped on beach
Plastic bottle dumped on beach

In California, bottled water is regulated by the California Department of Public Health-Food and Drug Branch, because bottled water is considered a packaged food product. For more information on bottled water, see the links below:

The regulations governing bottled water are different than those governing Public Water Systems.

Pile of Plaste Bottles
Pile of plastic bottles

Hauled Water

Water Truck
Water Truck

Some people who do not have access to drinking water at their location may haul water to their location and store it for later use. There are regulatory requirements for hauled water that will be used for drinking. The California Department of Public Health-Food and Drug Branch oversees licensing of drinking water haulers. To ensure your water is safe to drink, it is important to confirm your hauler is licensed, where the water is coming from, and that delivery meets the best practices standards and the regulations.

Information regarding hauled water requirements can be found at the following links: