California Estuary Monitoring Workgroup


Greater efficiency and effectiveness can be achieved through integration of existing estuary monitoring and assessment programs and coordination efforts, including the Interagency Ecological Program (IEP, since 1970), the San Francisco Bay Regional Monitoring Program (Bay RMP, since 1993) and an emerging Delta Regional Monitoring Program (Delta RMP). The Monitoring Council has identified the need for a California Estuaries portal and an underlying workgroup devoted to the health of California estuarine ecosystems.

The California Estuary Monitoring Workgroup will initially focus its efforts on California's largest and most important estuary, the San Francisco Bay-Delta, while maintaining a statewide estuary health perspective. The California Estuary Monitoring Workgroup, sponsored by the Monitoring Council, is tasked with identifying key questions to assess the ecological health of the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary, the data and methods available and needed to address the questions, and the methods to access, display, and work with the data and information through a new California Estuaries Portal, linked from the Are Our Aquatic Ecosystems Healthy? web page of the My Water Quality website.  In the process of developing this portal, the workgroup will identify redundancies, data gaps and inefficiencies in the current monitoring activities and develop solutions for improvements and better data integration.




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